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News nybble: Southampton meeting – January 10th

The Southampton RISC OS Users Group, aka SROUG, will next be meeting on Tuesday, January 10th, at: Itchen College Sports Centre, Deacon Road, Southampton. Anyone can attend the meeting, which has free admission and runs from 7:00pm until 9:00pm. There will be a small network of RISC OS computers, hopefully with an internet connection, and […]

User groups

Rob Sprowson to talk to ROUGOL about CloudFS and something else

But what is that something else? Why… It’s a Mystery1! If you’re Sheep Farming in Barnett or lost in the Jungles of Jupiter on Monday, 16th January, you will probably miss out on having a Brilliant Day – well, okay, a Sensational evening – because Rob Sprowson of Elesar Ltd will be visiting the RISC […]

User groups

It’s AGM time at WROCC on 4th January

The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club is to hold its annual general meeting on Wednesday, 4th January, 2017, at 7:45pm. This would be the group’s scheduled January meeting, but it is customarily reserved for their AGM, at which their committee for the coming year will be elected, and attending members will be able to have […]


CloudFS efficiency boosted in version 0.24

‘Transactions’ when copying files reduced from a downpour to a drizzle. A new version of CloudFS is available from Elesar Ltd, the main benefit of which is improved efficiency. CloudFS provides RISC OS with access to remote, cloud-based storage, by integrating with OmniClient so that to the user it appears like a native filing system. […]

User groups

Christmas meal at ROUGOL, 19th December

So if this was a news nybble, it would be a nybble about having a nibble, then? The RISC OS User Group of London‘s next meeting will take place on Monday, 19th December, and with no set topic of formal speaker arranged, the group will instead take the opportunity to have an informal discussion about […]

User groups

News nybble: Southampton meeting – December 13th

The Southampton RISC OS Users Group, aka SROUG, has its next meeting on Tuesday, 13th December, at: Itchen College Sports Centre, Deacon Road, Southampton. The car park entrance can be found on Deacon Road, opposite Whites Road and once in, visitors should Head for the College Centre, an open area with tables and chairs next […]

User groups

Wakefield group goes all festive on 7th December

7th December? But Christmas is still AGES away! The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club – the Yorkshire-based user group after which WROCC syndrome is named1 – will be holding their December meeting on Wednesday 7th December; two days time as I type this. Being the last meeting before Christmas, it will be an evening of […]

User groups

News nybble: ROUGOL meeting update

As well as covering sound synthesis, as previously announced, tonight’s ROUGOL meeting will also cover 3D graphics modelling and projection in BBC BASIC. This is presumably because the presentation is being given by Tony Bartram of AMCOG Games, who has over the last few years written a number of games – all in the language […]

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News Nybble: Sound synthesis at ROUGOL, Monday 21st November

And pencil in 16th January to hear about CloudFS and an as yet unannounced new product from Elesar! Anthony Bartram of AMCOG Games will be talking about sound synthesis at the next meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London, which takes place on Monday, 21st November, kicking off at 7:45pm. Tony – a […]

User groups

News nybble: Midlands User Group meeting, Saturday 19th November

The next meeting of the Midlands User Group – the last one of this year – will feature a hardware repair clinic, covering some common hardware faults that can occur with RISC OS computers, and how to deal with them. The group will also review the exciting RISC OS year, and look forward to the […]