CloudFS efficiency boosted in version 0.24

‘Transactions’ when copying files reduced from a downpour to a drizzle.

A new version of CloudFS is available from Elesar Ltd, the main benefit of which is improved efficiency.

CloudFS provides RISC OS with access to remote, cloud-based storage, by integrating with OmniClient so that to the user it appears like a native filing system. The software currently works with just one cloud provider, pCloud, who are based in Switzerland and offer 10GB of free storage, with a range of price plans if you need more. In time it is hoped that more providers can be supported.

Elesar CloudFS illustration
Elesar CloudFS illustration

Version 0.24 features an enhanced tree-based directory cache, as well as reduced overheads when checking whether or not an object exists. The result is that copy operations are faster – around 33% when copying lots of small files.

In earlier versions, a single directory was cached at any one time, but following careful analysis of thousands of ‘transactions’ during a copy operation revealed where there was room for improvement. Many of those transactions were down to the RISC OS FileSwitch module, which was checking whether or not an object already existed – which meant that request was going through CloudFS, and thence to the remote server. By caching – or remembering – the tree layout, valuable steps, and therefore time could be saved.

Another efficiency has come from Elesar working with pCloud to add a new API (application-programmer interface) to check whether a file or directory exists, something that is easily done on RISC OS, but which required two individual calls to be made to the remote server.

To upgrade to the latest version, all existing users have to do is run the installer again – doing so will result in the newest version of the module being downloaded and installed, ready to be used.

If you have yet to add CloudFS to your software arsenal, and you happen to be in or near London on 16th January, 2017, you could always attend the ROUGOL meeting that takes place that very day, where you’ll be able to hear about the software straight from the horse’s mouth – Elesar’s Rob Sprowson will be talking about and demonstrating the software to the RISC OS User Group of London, and is also expected to reveal a brand new product to those present.

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