Wakefield sees Drag ‘n Drop 6i3 arrive

Drag yourself oop North to get the drop on those waiting to buy online.

The latest issue of on-off-on-off-under-new-management magazine Drag ‘n Drop will come out on Saturday, 25th April, 2015 – the same day as this year’s Wakefield Show.

According to current editor Christopher Dewhurst’s announcement, it will be available to purchase from the magazine’s website soon after the show. However, since Chris is set to be at the show and, at such events, usually sells memory sticks containing every issue from the start up to the current one, it’s reasonable to assume the new issue – volume 6 issue 3 – will be available on the day.

The latest issue includes:

  • Files of the World – a new series looking at industry standard file formats, starting with RTF.
  • Pipeworkx – a guide for those who use any combination of Pipedream, FireWorkz and Excel, with their differing user interfaces and ways of doing things.
  • No Time for Tea – Orpheus Internet’s Richard Brown talks about making the switch from using Apple Macs to entirely using RISC OS.
  • Weblog – a look at a NetSurf-compatible website for converting files.
  • And more, including news, comments, and reviews.

Drag ‘N Drop is mainly aimed at those using on RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi but, says the editor, content will be of interest to all RISC OS 5 users. Articles are written in an informal style designed to encourage new or returning users and programmers.

The magazine costs £3.50 per issue when purchased via the website1, or £4.50 if purchased via !Store – but that higher price brings the type-in listings already typed in – and magazine samplers are available to download from the website.


  1. If you are purchasing the magazine from the website using NetSurf, you need to disable Javascript (Choices -> Content -> Disable Javascript from its icon bar icon). Ghostscript is recommended for viewing on RISC OS, rather than PDF.

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