Pi Zero with an OLED display – Bristol Users meeting, 11th January

And possibly – just possibly – some gaming fun, too1.

The next meeting of Bristol RISC OS Users (BRU) will take place on Wednesday, 11th January, and this month Chris Hall will be showing off a £6.00 OLED display, sporting a whopping 128×64 pixel resolution and connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero.

This is the latest evolution of Chris’ GPS project, with the display showing the Ordnance Survey grid reference, milepost mileage (which will generally show zero unless you are on or very near the Severn Valley Railway, since this part of the software relates to that), and the time.

If you are in the locality, the place to be is:

The Hope and Anchor Pub,
38 Jacobs Wells Road,
BS8 1DR.

The meeting begins at around 7:00-7:30pm, though some members may arrive much earlier, and continues until closing time.

The venue serves a wide selection of real ales, as well as soft drinks for those driving, and serves a selection of food – and because the group meets in a pub, it is a purely an informal arrangement; there are no membership or entry fees, since there are no costs to cover, and is instead a group of people with shared interests meeting up for a pint, a meal, and a chat.

Parking is on-road, with some local roads metered, and some free after 6:00pm – and for those travelling by public transport, a number of buses stop on Queens Road, The Triangle and Park Street, all of which are a short walk to the pub.

The group also has a mailing list, which any RISC OS user is welcome to join.


  1. With my Soft Rock Software hat on I have been doing some work on one of my old games, Escape from Exeria, and depending on other factors I might be able to bring along an early, playable prototype of the new version, but this is by no means guaranteed, which is why it’s merely a footnote.

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