Rob Sprowson to talk to ROUGOL about CloudFS and something else

But what is that something else? Why… It’s a Mystery1!

If you’re Sheep Farming in Barnett or lost in the Jungles of Jupiter on Monday, 16th January, you will probably miss out on having a Brilliant Day – well, okay, a Sensational evening – because Rob Sprowson of Elesar Ltd will be visiting the RISC OS User Group of London where he will Be Proud, Be Loud, Be Heard on the topic of CloudFS.

Rob will be demonstrating the software’s ease of use, showing it in action across several computers, explaining how it is implemented, and discussing the security aspects of storing things in the cloud. CloudFS opens up a Brave New World to RISC OS, since it provides a means for users to access cloud-based storage, allowing them to store documents and files on a remote server, which can be accessed from another Computer in another location – and more importantly, it integrates with OmniClient so that once set up it is just like accessing another drive on the computer.

In addition to this, Elesar Ltd has a healthy half dozen projects in development at the moment, and Rob will be revealing at least one of them at the meeting, so those who attend will be the first members of the RISC OS public to see and hear all about it – perhaps the applause will be like Thunder in the Mountains!

So, if you can Take the Leap, you should make like a Bird in Flight and head To the Mountains High for:

The Blue Meaning Blue-Eyed Maid (upstairs, in the Creepy Room restaurant),
173 Borough High Street,
SE1 1HR.

Kicking off at 7:45pm, there is no admittance fee to join The Packt, and the venue sells a range of hot and cold food, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It is between London Bridge and Borough tube stations – a short walk from either, through streets that are well-lit, and covered by CCTV. There is ample cycle parking – also covered by CCTV – nearby.

For drivers, the Congestion Charge ends at 6:00pm, long before the meeting (but if you arrive that early, you might get Restless waiting for Rob’s Revelations). However, you should remember that this is central London, where traffic can be a Troublesome Thing, so watch out for parking restrictions (avoid double red lines, and only park on single red or yellow lines after 7:00pm) and allow extra time, maps – and patience, to avoid getting All in a Rage and find yourself in a World of Tension.

For assistance finding the venue (to avoid becoming Castaways), or if you need any other information ROUGOL can be reached on Twitter, by email, or by telephone on 07970 211 629.


  1. Some (but probably not all) readers might recognise “It’s a Mystery” as a Toyah song dating all the way back to 1981. It was an obvious reference to make, and there may be – okay, definitely are – a few more (ahem!) of her song and album titles in this post as a result.

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