R-Comp Round up

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd October, 2014. Whilst we’ve covered things like DeleGate and ARMiniXs in other postings, we thought it would be good to just cover a few things that we’ll be showing this weekend that didn’t fit elsewhere.


New, improved DrawPrint – new, improved speed

Better, stronger, faster – the Six Million Dollar free Man DrawFile printing utility. Sine Nomine Software, aka Matthew and Hilary Phillips, have released a new version of DrawPrint, their free application for printing DrawFiles, Sprites and JPEGs over multiple pages. The new version, 1.46, brings with it an improvement in the speed at which DrawPrint […]


JDServer reaches a new high

That means the app’s version number, not a barman getting more drunk than ever before! JDServer is an application from Dave Higton that enables the RISC OS computer on which it is run to act as a print server, running HP’s JetDirect protocol (which is sometimes known as ‘raw’), allowing a printer connected to that […]


JDServer 0.05 available

Here at the top secret RISCOSitory bunker, we’re disappointed to discover that’s Jet Direct, not Jack Daniel’s! Dave Higton has released a new version of JDServer, which allows a printer connected to a RISC OS computer to be shared between other computers on a network. It works from RISC OS, Linux and Windows, and should […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 19th November 2011

Following on from the news that Pipedream is now free to download, Gerald Fitton has announced that Fireworkz for RISC OS is also now free to download. Fireworkz is an integrated word processor and spreadsheet package, with some very powerful and useful facilities, which works in a fundamentally different way to PipeDream. Both are very […]