Using JDServer with Windows 7 and Mac OS

 Windows 7? Mac OS? In a RISCOSitory article title? Say wut?

Mr USB Dave Higton has updated the help file of his JDServer application, a JetDirect (Raw) print server for RISC OS.

The purpose of the software is to share a printer connected directly to a RISC OS computer and accessed using the Printers application. The software acts as a print server, so that the printer can be used by all the devices on your network that understand the JetDirect (or Raw) protocol – which is widely supported and implemented, certainly by the mainstream operating systems.

Up to ten simultaneous print streams are allowed, with an orderly queue of print jobs limited only by available disc space – and Dave explains that while he has a reputation for writing drivers for USB toys, this application is actually useful!

The application itself is unchanged – it’s only the accompanying Help file that has been updated, which now includes instructions for connecting to the software from Windows 7 and Mac OS, with the latter having been kindly provided by Richard Porter.

Dave says he always appreciates feedback – good or bad – and it can all lead to improvements in the software, so let him know what you think; his contact details are in the Help file.

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