Network storage, colour multifunction laser printers, wireless ARMini

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 24th April, 2014.

We [R-Comp] are pleased to announce that we will be showing several hardware items from our range at the Wakefield 2014 show.

In particular this year, we’ll be focusing on how you can add storage to your network (NAS), for backup or centralised storage of documents, photos, music etc. We’ll have a range of devices, and you’ll be able to discuss options with us, and our SafeStore 2 backup software is usually bundled with network storage purchased from us.

We’re currently working with Orpheus Internet to develop off-site backup solutions, too, which go hand in hand with the NAS products that we sell.

As more and more devices feature network ports (you’ll be hard pressed to find consumer AV products like TVs, blu-ray players, sky-boxes and so on without these now!), so your home network grows. It becomes more important than ever to consider the best way to store, share and back up your data. Whether you are only interested in backup, or fancy the idea of making your photographs available on your TV for viewing with friends/family, or have a mixture of different platforms (RISC OS, Windows, Mac, Linux etc.), then these should be on your radar. Oh, and the vast majority of the products we sell are ARM-powered, naturally!

In other business, we’ve recently had to update our printers here at RCI, and have settled upon a lovely multi-function print/scan/fax colour laser. It ticks so many boxes for RISC OS users, that we have to draw your attention (if you’re even remotely interested) – double sided printing, network connection, native printing from RISC OS (inc double sided), good prints, reasonable running costs and an affordable price.

Thanks to the network port, even RiscPC users can benefit, as well as ARMini(X), Iyonix, RISCube etc. We’ll throw in a free copy of our network printer drivers (allows native printing from RISC OS), or alternatively a discounted copy of UniPrint4 including UniScan (most flexibility) if you’d prefer.

The scan portion has been tested working happily via UniScan, and the photocopy functions well too. We’ve even sent faxes with it.

If you have any interest, please get in touch – we’ve several happy customers already šŸ™‚

Finally, all being well, we’ll be showing a range of wireless products that allow ARMini/ARMiniX to access wireless networks. Whilst we still recommend powerline networking in the home first and foremost, we also know that some users crave wireless, and now that’s possibleĀ  too.

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