JDServer reaches a new high

That means the app’s version number, not a barman getting more drunk than ever before!

JDServer is an application from Dave Higton that enables the RISC OS computer on which it is run to act as a print server, running HP’s JetDirect protocol (which is sometimes known as ‘raw’), allowing a printer connected to that machine to be shared with other computers on the network, even if they are not running RISC OS themselves.

Last time JDServer was mentioned on RISCOSitory it had been updated to version 0.05, but work has been progressing on the application, and Dave released version 0.08 towards the end of April. The changes since version 0.05 are:

  • File copy handling has changed (again).
  • Another method has been added for determining the host address.
  • A second icon is no longer created on the icon bar if JDServer is run twice.
  • The application’s name shown in the RISC OS Task Manager has been changed to JDServer.

One of the interim upgrades, to version 0.07, apparently fixed a bug that prevented JDServer being used on computers whose IP address was assigned via DHCP, and Dave therefore suggests that “Anyone who has JDServer version 0.06 or earlier is advised to upgrade.”

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