New, improved DrawPrint – new, improved speed

Better, stronger, faster – the Six Million Dollar free Man DrawFile printing utility.

Sine Nomine Software, aka Matthew and Hilary Phillips, have released a new version of DrawPrint, their free application for printing DrawFiles, Sprites and JPEGs over multiple pages.

The new version, 1.46, brings with it an improvement in the speed at which DrawPrint can handle detailed DrawFiles. According to Hilary, who announced the new version on 2nd July, “Big files which were previously painfully slow to preview and print should now be noticeably quicker.” So much so, she notes, that users “will quickly make up the time you spent downloading the new version through the resulting performance improvements” – though considering that it’s only a 99KB download, it’s likely to be very ‘quickly’ indeed; the time will probably be made up the first time the software is used!

Originally written to provide a means to print from NetSurf on the IyonixPC, DrawPrint is an application that gives the user full control over the output when printing DrawFiles, Sprites and JPEGs, allowing the results to be spread across several pages and at the user’s choice of scale, as well as the size of margins and the amount of overlap. Individual pages can also be exported as DrawFiles for use in other applications.

RiscOSM, the vector mapping software that renders OpenStreetMap data as Drawfiles, and which was released by Sine Nomine at Wakefield 2014, uses DrawPrint to print its maps and Hilary says that its users will particularly benefit from upgrading to version 1.46 if they regularly print from the mapping application.

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