R-Comp Round up

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd October, 2014.

Whilst we’ve covered things like DeleGate and ARMiniXs in other postings, we thought it would be good to just cover a few things that we’ll be showing this weekend that didn’t fit elsewhere.

Monitors and Printers

We do a range of monitors and laser printers for use with our computers. At shows, we often have monitors on display and for sale that are designed to give the best results paired with ARMiniX or RISCubes. The idea is that you can see the screens in action 🙂

Printers are harder to handle at shows, due to their size. We tend to specialise in mono and colour laser printers, as that’s what we’ve always used ourselves. For example, we have a recommended colour laser/copier with double-sided printing, RISC OS compatibility and networking for £200-£300. Mono printers start much cheaper than that, of course, and are an ideal complement to UniPrint-driven inkjets.

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As many of you know, we’ve specialised in networking for many years, with products like routers, network cards, our Network Printer Drivers and so on. However, it’s an area of our business that often gets forgotten. At the show we’ll have ADSL routers, powerline networking for those “hard to reach” places, and more. We’re happy to advise and make suggestions as to how to improve your existing home network, or help you get started for the first time.

RISCubes & RISCbooks

With all the ARMiniX promotion, it’s easy to forget about our range of RISCubes and RISCbooks. The specifications of these improve year on year (despite what it may look like on the website!) and they remain just as popular as ARMiniX, if not more so! We’ve always been committed to delivering the best quality of computers, and I feel it is testimony to the RISCube range that we have systems still in use 10+ years old. We try and apply “Acorn” levels of longevity to our systems, but equally there’s always something new and shiny to see.

If you want the latest features on RISC OS (wireless networking, bluetooth, USB3, SATA6 SSDs, multi-monitor) then our RISCube/RISCBook range delivers, whilst offering unrivalled compatibility withthe outside world.

We’ll have machines on display, so come and see. Between ARMiniX, RISCube and RISCbook, we have you covered 🙂


If you haven’t already visited PlingStore and downloaded the free RISC OS !Store software, you’re missing out! The !Store system provides access to a wide range of regularly updated RISC OS software, and notifies you of updates and changes. The system supports both free and paid-for software, so you can build a library of RISC OS software, then access it from any machine running !Store.

!Store is part of the Pi, ARMini(X) and RISCube/RISCbook disc image, as well many others – look in your Apps folder on the iconbar. Alternatively, download it from the website above. !Store runs periodic offers on software, so you might even save a few pennies 🙂

Genealogy software

Whilst it isn’t actually new for this show, we launched our Genealogy software at Wakefield, and this will be the first opportunity for London vistors to see this heavy-weight piece of RISC OS software. Supporting detailed genealogy recording, family trees, GEDCOM and so on, if you have any interested in family history research, this is well worth adding to your armoury.

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