DeleGate 1.60 release – major update

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 21st October, 2015.

We are pleased to announce the release of a major update for DeleGate, our system protection and recovery software – version 1.60.

DeleGate is designed to provide protection for your RISC OS computer, by securing key OS files and folders, and providing recovery for your data files in case of deletion. This “Bin” functionality is extensive, and has been designed to be “best of breed”, with features not found on other platforms.

Version 1.60 overhauls DeleGate’s “remote bin” capability. Most non-RISC OS computers use a central bin for deletions from the main system drive, but do not provide protection when deleting on external drives or network drives. DeleGate’s “Remote Bin” system allows you to specify folders on other drives to be used when deleting from them. Such folders can be managed and expired just like a normal waste bin.

This makes things much faster – deleting files on slow discs (e.g. network drives) gains full protection, whilst happening more-or-less instantly. Previously, such files (if protected at all) would need to be transferred to the “main” bin, which could be very slow for large files.

This revamped system makes it all really simple to set up by drag’n’drop, and automates things. It copes with drives which may not be connected when the time comes to expire (or recover) and can prompt you as needed.

On top of this, v1.60 sees many enhancements to the whole program. Many more time-consuming operations now show the hourglass to indicate activity, so you’re not left wondering what’s going on. The user interface for recovery has seen many improvements, and there’s easier access to expiry. You can now choose to do a “one off” expiry to reduce the size of the bin, even if auto-expiry isn’t enabled.

System file/folder protection sees improvements, supporting a wider range of operating systems and set-ups.

DeleGate 1.60 is a free upgrade to existing owners, and can be downloaded via !Store now.

If you don’t already own DeleGate, you can buy it via !Store now. It is also part of the “R-Comp 2015 Downloadable Software CD” pack, which contains a number of our recent releases at a significantly discounted price. There will be another press release about this separately, as it has been updated in time for the London show.

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