RiscOSM 1.29 release at the London Show

Announcement from Matthew Phillips, 23rd October, 2015.

Sine Nomine Software will have a new release of RiscOSM, the vector mapping software for RISC OS, available at the London Show. We will also have a selection of SD cards with fresh map data, covering the Americas, Australasia, Africa, and all the countries in Europe using the roman alphabet.

Enhancements in this release:

  • Key to map which also lets you customise what is shown on the map.
  • Thumbnails panel for geo-located photographs.
  • Fetch photos from the web (British Isles / Germany only) to see views of locations on the map.
  • Search for places (e.g. “pubs near st giles hotel, feltham”) using the online Nominatim database.
  • Some speed improvements for data loading and map rendering.

I will be giving a talk in the afternoon to demonstrate the new features, but do not leave it too late in the day to buy your SD card: they take a long time to write and we may run out.

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