IGEPv5 system now in full production

Announcement from Chris Evans, 22nd October, 2015.

Our IGEPv5 based computer (name to be revealed at the London RISC OS show on Saturday) has now moved to full production.

The RISC OS port for the IGEPv5 system is now complete apart from a SATA driver1. The system is now operating at its full speed of 1500MHz with dynamic clocking. The issues that affected SDFS, networking, USB, SDCMOS, screen driver and RTC battery charging have now all been fixed.

The port now has the functionality of PandaBoard systems, but faster and with more RAM of course! A number of people are now using it as their main system and reliability is reported as better than a PandaBoard. Difficult for us to compare as I can’t recall our PandaRO crashing and the IGEPv5 has been rock solid for many months, apart from the known resolved issues which didn’t cause crashes anyway.

We will have limited quantities of the fastest RISC OS computer you can buy, our IGEPv5-based system, available for collection at the London Show! Book now to collect yours.

Following on from the successful Cortex-A9 CPU used in the PandaRO, ARMiniX and ARMX6, our IGEPv5 based computer uses a next generation CPU core – the Cortex-A15.

  • MotherBoard: ISEE IGEPv5 OMAP5432.
  • CPU: Dual core ARM Cortex-A15.
  • Maximum clock rate: 1500MHz.
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3 (2GB currently available for RISC OS).
  • Flops: 176% of Cortex-A9 (Panda and i.MX6).
  • Romark benchmark: 178% of Cortex-A9 (Panda and i.MX6).
  • SATA: 1 port on board.
  • Max. Resolution: 2048×1440 (2560×1600?)
  • Gigabit Ethernet.
  • SATA SSD drive 120GB (via USB currently).
  • DVD Drive.
  • Totally silent operation. No moving parts2.
  • MiniITX cased (three choices).

For more information see www.cjemicros.co.uk/igepv5.


Existing purchasers of our IGEPv5 system can obtain the latest ROM version from us now.

Naming competition

We will be announcing the winner at the show. Thank you everyone who entered for taking the time. We had over 100 entries! Once we have announced the name we will be starting a support mailing list!


  1. We will be announcing at the show details of our plans for a SATA driver.
  2. Except DVD drive and Case style B has a small very quiet fan in its PSU.

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