Newly revised Picano at London Show, plus new PiFi too

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 22nd October, 2015.

The popular PiCano cases for Raspberry Pi saw an update over the summer to support Pi B+ and Pi2. The PiCano case provides a superbly engineered, modern enclosure for your Pi, whilst still giving ample space for connections, upgrades (e.g. clock) and airflow.

Designed entirely on RISC OS, the PiCano comes with clear instructions, and all parts necessary for assembly.

You can find out more about PiCano at Meanwhile, don’t forget about our PiFi product, which has had a significant overhaul recently…

PiFi is a replacement OS card for your unused Pi, which turns it into a WiFi adapter for one or more computers on your network. PiFi is fully controllable via RISC OS, giving your RISC OS computer(s) WiFi internet access.

The new version of PiFi remembers access details (network and password) for multiple WiFi networks, so you can quickly reconnect wherever you are. It includes speed testing, and connection diagnostics (e.g. checking access to different sites to test the WiFi connection). Significantly, WiFi performance is also increased, especially on original Pi B/B+.

The goal of PiFi is to allow you to make use of a Pi, which many of us have languishing in a draw or shelf, and turn it into a productive tool that allows WiFi access to modern RISC OS kit.

It isn’t just restricted to RISC OS, incidentally. Any machine connected to PiFi (either directly, or via a network hub/switch) can benefit from its WiFi.

So, for example, you could have a WiFi router in one room, then a small network of RISC OS and Windows, Linux or Mac machines in another room. This whole little network could be linked to your WiFi router by one PiFi.

Both PiFi and PiCano will be available on the R-Comp stand at the London Show this weekend.

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