New R-Comp Downloadable Software 2015 CD update

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 22nd October, 2015.

At Wakefield, we launched the “R-Comp Downloadable Software 2015 CD” aka “!Store 2015 CD” for ease. This CD contained/contains all the download-only software that we’d released over the last twelve months in one nice, easy to purchase/install pack. You even saved money. All was good 🙂

Now, for the London show, we thought we’d give it a once-over. Naturally the software on the CD has been updated to the latest versions:

  • DeleGate new v1.60
  • DeskEdit Suite 5
  • Wimp Programming Suite
  • Basic Programmers Toolkit
  • Chartwell and DPGraphs charting suite
  • PhotoFix for PhotoDesk
  • etc.

We’ve also added a new Font Collection of around 100 typefaces and some utilities. Just because 🙂

The CD costs about £25.00 (don’t have the price list in front of me, but it’s about that) which makes it quite the bargain, as these programs should cost about 60ukp! If you already have the Wakefield one, you can get the new CD for a fiver.

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