News nybble: PiFi 3 from R-Comp at London Show

R-Comp will be bringing a new version of PiFi to the London Show, which takes place tomorrow. The software allows you to re-purpose a spare WiFi-enabled Raspberry Pi as an adapter for a RISC OS computer – or, if connected to a hub, a number of systems. The headline feature of version 3 of the […]


Newly revised Picano at London Show, plus new PiFi too

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 22nd October, 2015. The popular PiCano cases for Raspberry Pi saw an update over the summer to support Pi B+ and Pi2. The PiCano case provides a superbly engineered, modern enclosure for your Pi, whilst still giving ample space for connections, upgrades (e.g. clock) and airflow.

User groups

WROCC Meeting – The Pi as a Media Centre, and other topics – 2nd September

Announcement from the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club – 30th August, 2015. The Pi as a Media Centre, and other topics Meeting on Wednesday 2nd September, 2015, at 7.45pm Malcolm Hussain-Gambles will be talking about using the Pi as a Media Centre, updates to his PiFi software, plus more on using ADFFS as part of […]


PiFi: Raspberry Pi as a wireless network adapter

Does PiFi mean WiFi isn’t pie in the sky? If you want to be able to connect your RISC OS kit to your wireless network, R-Comp’s stand at the forthcoming Wakefield Show might be worth a visit – they will be launching a new product called PiFi, which aims to allow you to do just […]