Feb 242017

R-Comp have announced a new network driver for the ARMX6 that can provide a performance boost of between one and a half and ten times. Most users should see a benefit, but some more so than others – users with mixed speed devices on their networks, for example, should see more consistent behaviour and less problematic networking with Acorn Access or ShareFS.

The latest RISC OS build for ARMX6 computers also now includes support for disc partitioning – something that has been notably lacking on RISC OS until now. Partitioning a disc means it is split up into more than one ‘logical’ drive, which is especially useful for larger drives, and means RISC OS can now make full use of the space. In addition, partitioned discs use GUID Partition Tables – an industry standard that means other platforms should recognise the partitions (even if they can’t actually read the contents).

ARMX6 users can upgrade in by visiting the users’ website and logging in as usual. You can also expect to hear Andrew talking about this at the Southwest Show tomorrow.

Jan 122016

Gain no pain!

LanMan98 iconA new version of Common Internet File System (CIFS) client LanMan98 has been announced by CJE Micro’s.

The software was originally developed and sold by Warm Silence Software as an extension for Acorn/ANT’s Omniclient, and worked alongside LanManFS to provide long filename support – much as another Warm Silence product, Win95FS, did for DOSFS and floppy discs. Continue reading »

Oct 232014

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd October, 2014.

Whilst we’ve covered things like DeleGate and ARMiniXs in other postings, we thought it would be good to just cover a few things that we’ll be showing this weekend that didn’t fit elsewhere. Continue reading »