LanMan98 now zero page friendly

Gain no pain!

LanMan98 iconA new version of Common Internet File System (CIFS) client LanMan98 has been announced by CJE Micro’s.

The software was originally developed and sold by Warm Silence Software as an extension for Acorn/ANT’s Omniclient, and worked alongside LanManFS to provide long filename support – much as another Warm Silence product, Win95FS, did for DOSFS and floppy discs.

Since then, the software has moved on quite a bit, and it can be used with or without Omniclient, effectively removing the need for it and LanManFS. Like those two, LanMan98 allows RISC OS computers to access storage locations over a network connection, such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives, or shared directories on other computers. With suitable printer drivers, it can also be used to print to network printers.

The newly released version – 2.06 – includes a fix to avoid zero page accesses in its Mimemap code, for which credit is given to Martin Avison. The Mimemap code is used to help translate mime types and file extensions used by foreign systems into RISC OS file types, so is vital for seamlessly accessing shared storage locations. Addressing this means the software can now be run on versions of RISC OS that prevent zero page memory locations from being read, a change introduced recently in version 5.23.

The software can be purchased from CJE Micro’s for £42.00 including VAT. If you already have the software and simply need to upgrade, the price is £10.00 from an earlier v2.0x version, or £23.50 from a 1.xx version . To upgrade, you will need to include your existing LanMan98 serial number, which should be on the original floppy disc label, and also appears in the program’s Info box when loaded ‘standalone’ (i.e. not alongside Omniclient and LanManFS).

According to the announcement, new copies and upgrades are also available from Warm Silence Software.

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