NetFetch and Messenger Pro version numbers sneaked up a notch

Updated versions of NetFetch and Messenger Pro have been released by R-Comp just in time for the London Show this weekend, with the new versions already available from !Store.

Messenger Pro 8.xx users can upgrade free of charge to version 8.04, which contains various minor fixes and improvements. IMAP users can now set alternative folders to use for deferred mail, for example a ‘Drafts’ folder; a bug has been squashed that prevented the last line of emails appearing if they had too many attachments; and thanks to assistance from David Higton, the software has been made more efficient when running on platforms with slower disc system access, such as the Raspberry Pi, with a figure of up to four times faster cited.

NetFetch 5.51 on the other hand – which is a free update for users of version 5.50 – has seen a problem fixed in Hermes, the mail transport, that caused time-outs when downloading very large emails over SSL. There are also some cosmetic changes, and SSL support has been updated to the latest version.

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