CJE/4D’s ‘Most Wanted’ – a pre-show reminder

CJE Micro’s/4D have posted a reminder that the pair of businesses has a ‘Most Wanted‘ list of fugitives bits of Acorn/RISC OS kit.

A particular need highlighted by Chris Evans is networking gear – 10baseT or 10base21 network interfaces, and hubs that sport 10base2 connections. Apparently, network podules and mini-podules with 10baseT connections are now something of a rarity – so any of these would be most welcome.

In the meantime, if anyone is looking to get their older machines onto their networks, there are a few 10base2 equivalents in stock – using these with a hub that has both types of connection would allow them to work on the same network as more modern kit.

Obviously, the full wanted list goes some way beyond just networking kit, and covers old computers – all the way back to the Acorn Atom – in fact, almost anything Acorn or RISC OS-related.

With the London Show taking place next Saturday, that’s an obvious place to pass on any old equipment looking for a new home – but if you have something and can’t attend the show, why not get in touch by email to discuss possible arrangements?

1. For anyone who doesn’t know the difference, 10base2 is a type of ethernet connection that uses coaxial cable, terminated with ‘BNC’ connectors – for the sake of oversimplification, the “round” type. 10baseT, on the other hand, uses ‘twisted pair’ cables, terminated with an RJ45 plug – and again, for the sake of oversimplification, the ones that look like a telephone plug, only bigger.

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