ARMX6 OS Update 4 and Super Pack 4 released, plus updated Aemulor

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 20th October, 2015.

R-Comp Interactive is pleased to announce the release of two major (free) updates for ARMX6 users. These updates are available to download now, and will be included on all new ARMX6 machines as standard.

Firstly, we have OS update 4…

The primary goal of OS update 4 is to allow better use of the ARMX6’s 2GB of RAM. Previously, the way RISC OS worked could actually restrict applications’ use, especially when using large dynamic areas. The new operating system frees up acres of so-called “logical address space” allowing applications to utilise the 2GB of RAM provided.

As a spin-off of this, OS update 4 supports RAM discs up to RAMFS’ limit of 508MB. Indeed, with 2GB of RAM on the system, we recommend most users run with such a RAM disc, because even that barely makes a dent in the ARMX6’s huge memory.

Networking has been improved further, with faster and smoother transfers, especially over ShareFS. Indeed, the ARMX6 project has led to further fixes to ShareFS which have (naturally) been fed back for the benefit of all users.

Improved compatibility with PC and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices means that most ARMX6 won’t need any 3rd party software to access other computers on their network.

RS232 serial port now available if required

We wrote earlier in the year to announce the ARMX6’s 2.5k and 4k monitor support (2560×1440 @ 60hz and 3840×2160). This has been expanded to cover “ultra-wide” monitors such as 3440×1440 curved screens, thanks to in-house custom software.

Next we have Super Pack 4, to go alongside…

For those unfamiliar, Super Packs upgrade the disc image to bring customers up-to-date with all the supplied software and !Boot sequence, system modules and so on.

With nearly 350MB of improvements, SP4 is probably our most extensive upgrade ever. Most significantly it finally unlocks the hardware floating point (VFP) capabilities of the machine in “real world” software. Various important areas of the computer are now VFP-enhanced – PDF rendering and creation, video and audio playback, some image conversion and so on.

Many software updates are included to the bundled apps, and new development tools are included, to help developers take advantage of the powerful ARMX6 hardware.

Additionally, SP4 paves the way for the future, with infrastructure to support the next generation of RISC OS software thanks to a range of updates covering key system modules, shared libraries and more. This ensures that ARMX6 users are well placed to enjoy cutting edge RISC OS software and ports.

Enhanced Aemulor

There is also an enhanced version of Aemulor available now from the ARMX6 users’ download site, and also via !Store. This version works smoothly with the ARMX6’s 2GB of RAM (no need to re-run DAlimit) and supports high resolution screen modes.

All the new developments are available to download for free to existing ARMX6 customers from the users’ private download area.

Time permitting, we hope to release updates for ARMiniX users as well before the show, but the hours are ticking down rather quickly!

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