Wimp Programming Suite for RISC OS released

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd April, 2015.

We are pleased to announce another new !Store digital release – the Wimp Programming Suite, for just £9.99. Designed as a useful suite of software and documentation for desktop programmers of novice to fairly advanced level, the Suite is available now.

The Wimp Programming Suite contains a range of utilities and aides to help in the creation, development and debugging of desktop RISC OS applications. It also includes latest update of the Wimp Programming for All book – a 200 page guide that takes you step-by-step.

The Wimp Programming for All software disc is included, plus the complementary Wimp Programmer’s Toolkit (new edition). The BASIC Programmer’s Toolkit is also included. The powerful debugging and development tool, Vigil, is also present in this suite, along with its manual.

Additional tools and manuals are also included to provide a comprehensive armoury for the creation of applications for the RISC OS desktop.

Note that the suite has a primary focus on BASIC for teaching the principles of Wimp programming. However, most of the tools and techniques are equally useful for C or Assembler programmers.

You can purchase the suite via !Store (look in your Apps folder on your icon bar, or download from the website) for £9.99. It will also feature on our forthcoming “Digital Releases” CD, containing a number of our 2014-2015 download-only releases.

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