!Store CDs, UniPrint 4.10 and NewsUK 1.18

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 25th April, 2014.

Lots of !Store related news today…

At the Wakefield Show, we’ll have our !Store “Sampler” CDs for £5 each, which include !Store and a range of software (including NewsUK, see below) ready to go. Come by, and pick one up, or get it free with “R-Comp Software Registration” – access to all your R-Comp software in latest versions for quick and easy download via !Store.

Also, !Store is now hosting version 4.10 of UniPrint. This new version significantly improves scanning performance for VirtualAcorn users, and resolves an issue with refreshing the list of available printers, amongst other things. Since many ISPs block UniPrint upgrade emails due to the presence of the Windows .exe file inside the zip, this update will primarily be downloadable via !Store for simplicity. If you need assistance with this, please ask.

Finally, we have a new version of our NewsUK program available for download on !Store. Version 1.18 adds an exhaustive set of different regional/topical news feeds, and allows you to interrupt an in-progress fetch to choose a different one, should you so desire. NewsUK brings you the latest news from the UK and worldwide, right to your RISC OS desktop. The author should be available on our stand for at least part of the show, so why not drop by and have a chat?

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