!Store 1.20 released with version history, special offer and other features

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 11th April, 2014.

We are pleased to announce that !Store version 1.20 is now available. Existing copies of !Store should update automatically.

The new version adds a lot of extra functionality, both for users and suppliers, so there’s plenty to check out…

  • Version history – when a supplier updates a program on !Store, they can now include information about what’s new. This is shown to users when they click on the version number (e.g. in My Software, when prompted that updates are available). Users can see what’s new in the new version, and choose whether to update. This info is also available via the software catalogue.
  • Special Offer pricing – it is now possible for suppliers to set an “offer price” for commercial applications. This will be shown in red in the software catalogue to catch attention, and when viewing the product, you’ll be shown the normal and offer price to see your discount.
  • Additional licences – if you buy a product on !Store and have multiple computers/users you may wish to purchase additional (lower cost?) licences. Suppliers can now specify an extra licence cost, and users can buy additional licences via !Store. This is done via the “My Software” window for the product in question.
  • Donations to freeware projects – The “Additional Licence” button mentioned above becomes a “Donate” button for freeware applications. This allows users to donate to support freeware software development, and we’ll do the legwork to ensure developers are rewarded. In cases where this isn’t possible, we’ll fund RISC OS development.

To obtain !Store, first look in your Apps folder on the iconbar – you may well already have it! If you don’t, then go to the PlingStore website where you can find the necessary downloads etc.

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