New Year sales hit !Store

With no need to leave your desk and form an orderly queue!

R-Comp‘s Andrew Rawnsley has just announced that there will be a !Store New Year sale, with a variety of items offered at a discounted price via the software shopping application – a selection that will change as the sale progresses, so it’s important to keep checking if the software you want isn’t yet discounted.

The sale will actually commence “after lunch” on 1st January, with no specific time stated for lunch – but being New Year’s Day, which has a very strong tendency to come immediately after New Year’s Eve, when people have a habit of staying up late, and possibly having a drink or ten, it may be that “lunch time” is considered to have flexible scheduling to give those in the Rawnsley household time to recover.

Third party developers who have software for sale via !Store, and who would like to have their software discounted during the sale are asked to get in touch with R-Comp to let them know how much of a discount to offer.

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