R-Comp !Store Collection CD available at Wakefield Show

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd April, 2015.

We are pleased to announce that the “R-Comp !Store Collection 2015″ CD will be released at the Wakefield Show. The Collection contains our download-only releases from 2014-2015 including the likes of DeleGate, DeskEdit Suite, PhotoFix, ChartWell/DPGraphs Suite, Wimp Programming Suite and more.

If one was to buy this Collection individually, the cost would be nearly £60, but you can buy the CD at the Show (or by post) for £29 (plus any P&P).

We are aware that some customers haven’t felt comfortable with “download only” versions. This Collection is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the programs via a more traditional medium.

Whilst the various software suites on the CD probably consist of more than 50 applications, the headline products include:

  • DeleGate – protection against deletion of files and OS components. DeleGate provides a feature-packed, integrated “Recycle Bin” capability alongside protection for your files and operating system components, so that you can’t accidentally delete key OS components. Useful on every RISC OS machine, but doubly so on modern board (Pi, Beagle, Panda) where an accidental deletion could render your computer unbootable!
  • DeskEdit Suite – contains the powerful DeskEdit text editor and programming aid, as well as favourites such as TextAid macro software, programmers tools, ArcScan magazine/index software, PolyGlot foreign character tool and more.
  • PhotoFix – provides compatibility for the popular photo editing software on modern ARM CPUs, allowing it to load and run.
  • ChartWell Suite – provides tools for creating and editing charts and graphs in a wide range of styles.
  • Wimp Programming Suite – contains many tools to help you learn to write your own desktop programs, as well as more advanced programming tools such as the Vigil debugging, monitoring and disassembly software. The Wimp Programming for All book is included, recently “refurbished”, as well as many examples and tools/utilities.

And there’s plenty more too!

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