RISC OS 5.20 officially available

 A chip off for the old block RiscPC. Shortly after unveiling it at the Midlands Show on July 13th, RISC OS Open Ltd announced the official release of RISC OS 5.20 – the latest ‘stable’ version* – towards the end of the month. This version incorporates a massive 625 changes for the IYONIX pc, and […]


Portsmouth show date confirmed

Set a new date for your diaries: 28th September, 2013 Following RISC OS Open Limited‘s announcement of a proposed new show to be held in Portsmouth, originally slated for 20th July, which would have put it a mere week after the Midlands Show and may have proven difficult for exhibitors, the idea was taken back […]


New possible dates for the proposed Portsmouth show

Late September now on the cards. A couple of months ago, RISC OS Open Ltd announced the possibility of another chance to show off RISC OS to all and sundry, by proposing a show in Portsmouth. The show would be free to both exhibitors and visitors alike, and take on the now familiar format – […]


Proposed free RISC OS show in Portsmouth

Is this the furthest South mainland UK show yet? How about Lizard Point next, please? With the growing number of low-cost Raspberry Pi systems now in the hands of end users, or even slightly more expensive options such as the BeagleBoard and PandaBoard – which are still relatively cheap compared with RISC OS computers of […]


SD card support comes to RISC OS

Arrives in a flash. Something missing from RISC OS, which is increasingly apparent with support for them on modern devices on which the operating system can be run (or could be theoretically run if it was ported), is a filing system and driver for MMC/SD cards, allowing them to be accessed and used when inserted […]


The early bird catches the Raspberry Pi

According to the latest post on the Raspberry Pi website, “The Raspberry Pi Foundation will be making a big (and very positive) announcement that just might interest you at 0600h GMT on Wednesday 29 February 2012.” This is expected to be the first batch of the tiny computer going on sale; Eben Upton posted a status […]


R-Comp Interactive announces ARMini software scheme for BeagleBoard users

With the BeagleBoard forming the heart of R-Comp Interactive‘s ARMini computer, it’s easy to see that some of R-Comp’s developments and releases for their computer might be relevant to those people who have put together their own RISC OS computers using the board. Well, now those “DIY” users have a way to access those developments: […]