New possible dates for the proposed Portsmouth show

Late September now on the cards.

A couple of months ago, RISC OS Open Ltd announced the possibility of another chance to show off RISC OS to all and sundry, by proposing a show in Portsmouth. The show would be free to both exhibitors and visitors alike, and take on the now familiar format – but it would be marketed more widely, in order to try and attract fresh faces to the event.

The only problem was the date suggested for the event – 20th July – which would have put it just a week after the Midlands Show, which may have been a bit too soon for some exhibitors.

Response to the proposal made it clear that date was not such a good idea so another one had to be decided upon, with some time in September looking most favourable – and it emerged at the Midlands Show that the most likely dates would be either the 21st or 28th of September.

Steve Revill of RISC OS Open Ltd has this afternoon sent out an email to online and offline RISC OS news outlets confirming this, saying:

RISC OS Open (ROOL) is attempting to organise a RISC OS show in Portsmouth. This is looking likely to be on Sat 21st September or Sat 28th September.

This show will be free to both exhibitors and visitors.

Right now, we’re trying to decide upon the exact date and finalise a list of exhibitors. Please could everyone who is interested drop us an email.

The sooner a date (and exhibitor list) is finalised, the sooner efforts can be put into marketing this show, so if you’re interested in exhibiting, get in touch with ROOL now!

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