Hear about audio at the next ROUGOL meeting

Jason Tribbeck will be the guest speaker for the next meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL), which will once again be taking place online – and the title of his talk is:

Audio Matters

There are many features missing from the RISC OS platform, and one in particular that is often mentioned when it comes to the sound system is a standardised method for audio input. Historically, this was not a real problem, because extra hardware was often added to the computer for audio input, and such hardware came with its own software – so a standardised method had less import; any given user that needed audio input would buy product ‘x’ and use whatever was provided with it.

However, things have moved on quite a bit since those days, and many modern systems have audio input facilities built in – the operating system, therefore, needs a standardised API (application programmer interface) in order to access them, and it needs that API last week.

Jason Tribbeck is a name long known to many RISC OS users through his ports of games such as James Pond II and Dune II, or his involvement in companies like VTi and ArgoNET, through which quite a number of RISC OS users first became connected to the internet.

Part of Jason’s history includes developing audio software and hardware, which is why he was contacted by the Cloverleaf Project‘s Stefan Fröhling to look at the audio input situation on RISC OS – and having started working on a new audio input API, Jason is now looking at the audio system as a whole (PDF).

As part of his talk, Jason will explain how he intends to achieve his various aims – including ensuring his work is backwards compatible with the various products that have existed previously – as well as digressing into matters of documentation, and unit testing.

Taking place on Monday, 19th October, the Zoom meeting open from 7:30pm to give people time to join before the talk begins, at 7:45pm.

To join the meeting, you will need to be using a suitable computer or other device running the Zoom video conferencing software. Contact ROUGOL in plenty of time – ideally by Sunday, 18th – and you will receive an email on the day of the meeting with the access details you will need.

Looking ahead

Next month’s meeting, which will take place on Monday, 16th November, will feature a talk by Gerph, on the subject of Building RISC OS Online.

Next week, however – Saturday, 24th October – is when the Virtual RISC OS London Show will be taking place. This will feature a series of talks and Q&A sessions, held over Zoom for active participants, and streamed via YouTube for passive watchers.

Keep your eyes on this website, and other news sources, for more details of both closer to the relevant dates.

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