BASIC libraries galore

Steve Drain has released a number of BASIC libraries, and a new version of the Basalt module. The Strings BASIC library provides routines for handling long strings, referenced by normal string variables. All the standard string keywords are emulated and work with any combination of normal string variables and expressions and long strings. Written to […]


CD and DVD support comes to ARMini

While RISC OS users have been able to access CDs and DVDs from their computers many years, users of R-Comp Interactive’s ARMini computer (as well as those using BeagleBoards in their own right) have only been able to do so via another computer and a network connection: Accessing the media in CD and DVD drives […]


Date spotted in the wild for London 2012

Although there has been no announcement yet of a London Show for 2012 – which is hardly surprising since only a month has passed since the 2011 show, at which we saw the Raspberry Pi running RISC OS, amongst many other things – it appears that ROUGOL (the RISC OS User Group of London, who […]


Wakefield 2012 Announced

About a month has passed since the last RISC OS Show, held in London, and everyone should by now have had a chance to recover – and begin thinking about the next show. This would normally be the South West Show, which is followed within a month or two by the Wakefield Show. Sadly, no […]


You have my number; call me

Call is a newly released (beta) module by Steve Drain, designed to send WIMP messages to an application – and therefore allowing the application to carry out specific functions – after a set period, or at regular intervals. The RISC OS timing system and call-back mechanism is normally used by way of two SWIs (software […]


BookMaker updated to support NetSurf

Nick Roberts has released version 2.15 of BookMaker, an address book manager for major RISC OS browsers, as well as many email, telnet and FTP clients. This version brings long-awaited support for NetSurf, something that has been sadly lacking due to the way NetSurf works – or, rather, worked; “Thanks are due” says Nick, “to […]


piLEARN: Reuniting education and RISC OS

Martin Hansen of The MathMagical Software Company has unveiled a new website, called piLEARN. The main thinking behind the site is for it to be a starting point for those people who wish to try out RISC OS on the ARM based Raspberry Pi computer, due to be launched in the next few weeks. He […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 19th November 2011

Following on from the news that Pipedream is now free to download, Gerald Fitton has announced that Fireworkz for RISC OS is also now free to download. Fireworkz is an integrated word processor and spreadsheet package, with some very powerful and useful facilities, which works in a fundamentally different way to PipeDream. Both are very […]


The better late than never London Show 2011 report

In the run up to the London Show on October 29th, and in the days since, things have been somewhat hectic for me, so I’ve only now had a chance to properly go through my pictures – which, as tradition now dictates, are not very good. I’ve selected a few and edited them into something […]