More emulation than you can shake a joystick at

Today, it seems, emulators on RISC OS are like buses: You wait for ages for one to come along, then three turn up all at once. Earlier today, Chris Gransden announced a port of Mednafen, a multi game system emulator – and he’s followed that up with two more: Snes9x and MAME.


Snapper 1.14 released

Snapper is a screen capture program, originally written by David Pilling and supplied with his scanning and image processing software, and now maintained and further developed by Chris Johnson. The application allows the user to save areas of the screen as sprites – much as can be done using Paint, supplied with all RISC OS […]


Free books and a magazine to download

David Bradforth of Alligata Media has made two books available as free downloads via his Alligata site on MagCloud. BASIC V for the Acorn Archimedes was written by Mike Williams and originally published by Dabs Press in 1989, and was acquired by Alligata Media in 2005. According to the blurb the “book provides a practical […]


PlayIt 1.72

PlayIt is a tool for playing sound samples, which is used by a number of RISC OS applications, including DigitalCD. Originally written by Rick Hudson, recent updates have been made available by Christopher Martin. The latest update, version 1.72, improves reliability, especially on 26bit systems, due to several bugs being dealt with in the software’s […]

!Chars application

MoreKeys than you can shake a finger at (updated 31st March, 2012)

Everyone knows the standard ways of entering ‘extended’ characters in RISC OS – those characters that aren’t readily available from a standard keyboard by just pressing a key, or shift and a key – but the approach is arguably not as user-friendly as it might be, since it either means knowing which key combination or […]


Fuse: Free Unix Spectrum Emulator

´╗┐Back in the 1980s, there were quite a lot of 8-bit home computers to choose from and, while it might seem somewhat surprising to us RISC OS using Acorn fans, some people actually chose other machines than Acorn’s BBC Microcomputer. And enjoyed using them. Strange, I know.


Fireworkz Pro updated

R-Comp have released another update to Fireworkz Pro for RISC OS, the integrated word processor, spreadsheet and database package previously developed and sold by Colton. This latest development, bringing the software up to version 1.34/05, boasts the following enhancements and fixes: