Oct 252018

Having first demonstrated it at this year’s Southwest Show, R-Comp Interactive has now released an upgrade to allow computers based around the i.MX6 CPU/GPU to benefit from hardware graphics acceleration. With it running, scrolling through documents is much faster, redraw is greatly improved when moving windows around, and so on.

Priced at £29.99, the upgrade is available via !Store (look for “ARMX6 Turbo Graphics”) or, if you’d prefer, get in touch with R-Comp on 01925 755 043 to  purchase it over the phone, in which case the (quite small) module will be sent to you by email.

Oct 222018

Kevin Wells has released version 1.02 of his bus timetable application, BusTimes. The software can show the user which buses arrive at a given stop and at what times, and clicking on a button for a particular bus will display its route and timetable.

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Sep 112018

TrainTimes also fixed, but that ruins the play on words in the title!

Kevin Wells has released small updates to two of his applications, StreetFix and TrainTimes. In both cases, the updates address bugs in the programs, with one of those bugs shared by both.

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Sep 022018

Fred Graute has released a new version of ToggleBD, a utility to raise the desktop backdrop to the front so that objects pinned to it are more easily accessible than by minimising windows and/or moving them around in order to find that pinned item.

Using its iconbar icon, or a configurable hot-key combination, the backdrop can be both raised and lowered, so once you’ve found and used that pinned item, it’s quick and easy to return to your original task.

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Aug 192018

Kevin Wells has released a new version of Kquiz. The application – which needs wget to operate, because it draws its data from the Open Trivia Database website –  offers the sort of trivia questions you might encounter in quizzes. As such, it allows you to hone your knowledge in all sorts of areas of trivia and to get in some practice if you intend to enter any quizzes yourself.

The new version adds a ‘quizmaster’ option, which offers ten questions on the various subjects selected by the user. Kevin has also dealt with a bug that manifested itself in the form of an error when the same category was used twice in a row.

Aug 192018

Since its initial release last year, Rick Murray’s Manga application, which allows RISC OS users to access manga – a form of Japanese comics – found on mangareader.net. Rick has released a number of updates to the software since its initial release, and amongst other things the latest version gains support for Ctrl-Left and -Right keypresses to go backwards or skip forwards by ten pages, scroll wheel support in the What’s new, Suggestions, Search results and History editor windows.

The software can be downloaded from Rick’s home server whenever that’s online (variable due to things like the weather), and it will become available from !Store in a few days.

Aug 192018

André Timmermans has released new versions of DigitalCD (version 3.11), TimPlayer (1.26) and DiskSample (0.55). The changes to DigitalCD are mainly bug fixes, but the updates to both TimPlayer and DiskSample include additional changes, such as the ability to play RAW CD files in the latter, and improved and expanded loaders in the former.

In addition, André has also released version 0.04 of EmulTim, a collection of sound modules that are “emulated through calls to the TimPlayer module” with the goal of allowing their use (with some limitations) on versions of RISC OS on which they no longer work.