Apr 202017

In my preview of the Wakefield Show, which is looming ever closer as I type this, I mentioned that Sine Nomine will have a new version of puzzle game Wrangler available, and were expecting to have new versions of RiscOSM and, possibly, other products from their range. Sine Nomine’s Matthew Phillips has now been in touch to confirm exactly what they will have – rather than just expect to have. In short, the Durham Duo will be releasing several updates to their range at the event, so here’s the low-down on those updates: Continue reading »

Jul 032012

Bug me no more, bug!

Sine Nomine Software have released a new version, 1.07, of Wrangler, their popular general mathematical puzzle application.

TetraCross game example, taken from Wrangler's manual

TetraCross game example, taken from Wrangler's manual

The previous release of the software, version 1.06, was to remove two puzzles that were subject to a complaint of trademark infringement, and to add a new one in the form of TetraCross, in which the player is presented with four interlocking crosses of four cells each, with nine cells in total, into which the digits from 1 to 9 need to be placed, with the sum of the four cells for each cross totalling the value presented in its centre. Continue reading »

Jun 232012

One game forward, two games back.

A new version, 1.06, of the general mathematical puzzle application, Wrangler, is now available from Sine Nomine Software.

The new version sees the removal of two of the puzzle games that were previously included in the application, Suko and Sujiko, and the addition of a new one, TetraCross.

The removal of the Suko and Sujiko puzzles has come about as a result of a complaint to Sine Nomine Software of trademark infringement – the two puzzles, both invented by Jai Gomer of Kobayaashi Studios, are registered trademarks of Puzzler Media Limited. Continue reading »

May 132012

Even more ways to avoid being productive.

Hot on the heels of Wakefield, Sine Nomine Software have announced new versions of their popular puzzle games, Wrangler and SuperDoku, adding new puzzle types to both.

SuperDoku is an advanced Sudoku generating and solving application, which can handle more than just standard Sudoku puzzles – it can cope with puzzles of different sizes and shapes, jigsaw blocks, extra blocks, and much more. This update brings it up to version 1.27, which adds Diamond puzzles; Sudoku puzzles with extra blocks, forming an overall diamond shape. Continue reading »

Feb 242012

Basalt and the Toolbox

Steve Drain, prompted by a discussion in the RISC OS Open Ltd forum about AppBasic, has written a document about the using the Toolbox with Basalt which, he explains, has never been very well described. Basalt (“BASic ALTernative keywords”) is a module that extends BASIC by providing “alternative keywords by extending the use of actual keywords and adding new keywords, both of which are used completely as native BASIC keywords.”

The document is available online, at the link given above, and it is also included in the download for the prototype application, BasaltApp.

Steve explains that “a program is event-driven from a machine code wimp poll loop under the keyword POLL. Events and messages are registered against functions called to handle them. Apart from the use of ResEd to design the user interface there is no need for any other development environment.” Continue reading »