Wrangler 1.06 released

One game forward, two games back.

A new version, 1.06, of the general mathematical puzzle application, Wrangler, is now available from Sine Nomine Software.

The new version sees the removal of two of the puzzle games that were previously included in the application, Suko and Sujiko, and the addition of a new one, TetraCross.

The removal of the Suko and Sujiko puzzles has come about as a result of a complaint to Sine Nomine Software of trademark infringement – the two puzzles, both invented by Jai Gomer of Kobayaashi Studios, are registered trademarks of Puzzler Media Limited.

TetraCross game example, taken from Wrangler's manual
TetraCross game example, taken from Wrangler's manual

The new addition, TetraCross, is the result of breeding a recessive homzygote with an organism of dominant phenotype but unknown genotype. No, it’s a brand of badminton racket. No, it’s a puzzle game, in which the player is presented with four interlinking crosses of four cells, each of which has a value in its centre. Each cross has one cell that is unique to it, two cells that are shared with one other cross each, and one cell shared with all three of the other crosses – making nine individual cells altogether. The object of the puzzle is to place all of the digits from 1 to 9 in those nine squares, such that the sum of the four cells for each cross is the value shown in its centre.

A second, easier version of the puzzle is provided in the form of Colour TetraCross. In this version, the cells are coloured, and a sum is given for all cells of a given colour, thus providing additional clues in order to fill in the values to complete the puzzle.

The upgrade is free to registered users – simply download the new version from the Sine Nomine Software website. For those who have yet to purchase, the unregistered version will allow you to play a limited number of puzzles, and registration costs just £5.

Just for completeness, it appears that there is another puzzle of the same name, published in a Russian puzzle magazine called Forsmarts (Google translation) – the example given dating from 2006. A grid is presented with a selection of letters along two of the sides, and the objective is to place the letters in each row/column so that they correspond with those given along the two sides, and then create a shape, each containing only one letter, that corresponds to that letter’s shape.

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  1. Is Wrangler based on a Dancing Links engine?

    1. Good question. I’d never even heard of such a thing until tonight. (I’ve just looked it up). Next time they release a new version (of Wrangler and/or SuperDoku), I’ll try to remember to fire off an email to ask them before posting anything here.

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