Fireworkz Pro, Messenger Pro updated in time for London Show

New versions of both Fireworkz Pro (now at v2.31) and Messenger Pro (now at v8.05) have been released by R-Comp in time for the London Show – and if you can’t wait until Saturday (or can’t make it to the show) they are both available from !Store right now. If you can make it to the show, they will be available to buy on CD, with the CDs also containing the Windows versions of both programs plus other material.

Wakefield marks the launch of Messenger Pro 8

Communication sometimes leaves links incomplete – but this new version should help! This year’s Wakefield Show, which takes place on Saturday, 21st April – a couple of days time – will see the release of a brand new version of Messenger Pro, which now gains a big, shiny ‘8’ on the end of its name to replace the old, dusty ‘7’. R-Comp released version 7 of the email and news client some three years ago, and – building on the work done to NetFetch, bringing that up to version 5…

Messenger Pro 7.08 now available

I said do you speak-a my-language? He just smiled and gave me a Messenger update! A new version of Messenger Pro has been released by R-Comp. Described by the company as “the premier email solution for RISC OS”, Messenger Pro is a comprehensively featured email client, supporting both POP3 and SMTP (by way of secondary transport applications such as Hermes, itself part of other commercial offerings from R-Comp, or POPStar, a free alternative) as well as IMAP. The software also provides usenet access, with NewsHound being used to fetch and…

Messenger Pro 6.06 released

Minor niggle knocked back. R-Comp have sent out a new version of their news and email client, Messenger Pro, to users. The new version makes it easier to use the software’s facilities to save one or more messages to an external location on your hard drive – or to another location on your network, or an external storage medium. Until now, in order to access these files, Messenger Pro needed to be already running, but the update to 6.06 enables these messages to be opened even if the application hasn’t…

Snippets – 9th January, 2022

A roundup of 2021 news and releases not already covered on RISCOSitory With 2021 now behind us, the time has come for one final round up of news that hasn’t already found its way onto onto these pages – although this time, in fact, it’s the only round up of such news for 2021; for 2020, a snippets post appeared half way through the year and then another just after the year ended – but no earlier post has been compiled for 2021.