Messenger Pro 9.01 brings ‘sender’ setting

The main commercial email client for RISC OS is Messenger Pro from R-Comp, and the company has just released version 9.01 – a very small increment in its version number (Messenger Pro 9 was released in the run up to the 2022 Wradfold Show; Wakefield, but in Bradford), but a change that may be quite important for some users.

The main reason for the small increment is an addition to the settings, whereby any given user can now specify what should be used for the “Sender”. Setting this header correctly may in some cases be necessary to be able to send emails through given servers.

In addition to that change, various bugs have also been fixed, and the software should be slightly faster to load on computers with slower discs.

The update to version 9.01 is free to existing Messenger Pro 9 users, otherwise the software can be purchased via store for £39.99.

R-Comp have offered their thanks to ‘Chris M’ for his assistance developing this version.

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