Messenger Pro 7.08 now available

I said do you speak-a my-language? He just smiled and gave me a Messenger update!

A new version of Messenger Pro has been released by R-Comp.

Described by the company as “the premier email solution for RISC OS”, Messenger Pro is a comprehensively featured email client, supporting both POP3 and SMTP (by way of secondary transport applications such as Hermes, itself part of other commercial offerings from R-Comp, or POPStar, a free alternative) as well as IMAP. The software also provides usenet access, with NewsHound being used to fetch and send the messages over NNTP.

The application can be used with internet suites such as R-Comp’s own NetFetch and DialUp (both of which include the Hermes and NewsHound transports), as well as Voyager and the ANT Suite. It can also be set up independently of a suite and configured to work with the news and email transports more directly.

Version 7.08 includes a number of benefits that have been worked on over the last year, including:

  • Improved UTF8 Unicode support,
  • Improvements for top-bit-set Latin1 characters (such as accented characters used in German and French),
  • Improved IMAP functionality,
  • Enhancements to the email editor.

The new version can be downloaded via !Store, and there is no charge for the update (though users will need to be registered on !Store to get the update). For new users, Messenger Pro costs £39.99

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