Messenger Pro 6.06 released

Minor niggle knocked back.

R-Comp have sent out a new version of their news and email client, Messenger Pro, to users.

The new version makes it easier to use the software’s facilities to save one or more messages to an external location on your hard drive – or to another location on your network, or an external storage medium. Until now, in order to access these files, Messenger Pro needed to be already running, but the update to 6.06 enables these messages to be opened even if the application hasn’t yet been loaded.

Messenger Pro is described as “the leading email solution for RISC OS computers” and is currently the only one being actively maintained and updated. It provides a wide choice of email handling options, and not just POP and SMTP (through a ‘helper’ application such as Hermes, a part of R-Comp’s DialUp and NetFetch suites, or POPStar, a free alternative), but also IMAP. Usenet is also covered, again with a ‘helper’ application – this time NewsHound (also included in DialUp and NetFetch).

The application can work alongside internet suites such as R-Comp’s NetFetch and DialUp, as well as Voyager and the ANT Suite, and can also be set up independently of such a suite and configured to work with the standard RISC OS internet stack and the popular news and email transports.

Messenger Pro costs £40 for a single user, or £100 for a site licence. The ‘server’ version, which can act as an IMAP server for other computers on your network to access, is £99.

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