Impact 3.45 released

Sorted menu fields are the order of the day. Sine Nomine Software have released a new version of Impact, their relational database package. Originally developed by John Skingley of Circle Software, and taken over in 2003 by Matthew and Hilary Phillips of Sine Nomine, Impact is a relational database for RISC OS, which is easy […]

New version of Impact available

Keep tabs on your data. And probably in it, as well. Following its launch at the recent Wakefield Show, Sine Nomine software has now made the new version of Impact available from their website, along with the new accompanying application ImpEmail. Originally developed by John Skingley of Circle Software, and taken over in 2003 by […]

Impact 3.40 now available

A new version of Sine Nomine‘s relational database application, Impact, is now available. A commercial product, the software is now at version 3.40, and is available as a free upgrade to anyone who has purchased version 3.37 or later – with users of versions 3.37 to 3.39 urged to download and install the upgrade as […]

Show report: Wakefield 2019

Six months on from the show itself… that’s almost as long as the Long Gap between the Wakefield and London shows! Ahem. The place to be for discerning RISC OS users (and retro Acorn enthusiasts) on Saturday, 27th April, was Wakefield – more specifically, the Cedar Court Hotel in Calder Grove – because that was […]

Wakefield Show prize draw

In for a PiRO, in for a pound Visitors to the annual Wakefield Show, which takes place on Saturday, 27th April, will have the opportunity to enter into a prize draw to win one of three prizes.

Netfetch 5.50 lands safely and securely

I could’ve made a joke about safety nets, couldn’t I? Oh well. Now available from R-Comp is the latest version of the NetFetch internet suite, which contains a bundle of software including, amongst other things, Hermes for transporting emails and a version of Messenger so you can read and write those emails. The update to […]