Impact 3.45 released

Sorted menu fields are the order of the day.

Sine Nomine Software have released a new version of Impact, their relational database package.

Originally developed by John Skingley of Circle Software, and taken over in 2003 by Matthew and Hilary Phillips of Sine Nomine, Impact is a relational database for RISC OS, which is easy to use and provides facilities to create, edit, import and edit information, and features the ability to merge data with Impression or Ovation Pro documents, for mail shots, reports, invoicing, and so on. The application also features a powerful scripting language, which allows much more flexibility in what the user can achieve with the data stored in the system.

Version 3,45 features an improvement to the menu and browser type fields. When extra values are added to such fields, until now those extra values have always been appended to the end of the list, which could result in the order of the items seeming somewhat muddled – but with this update, while it’s not possible to rearrange the values at will, there is now an option to have them sorted when displayed.

This version, which also includes an updated version of ImpEmail, is a free upgrade to users of version 3.41 or later, and upgrade prices vary for users of older versions, from £12 for users of versions 3.32 to 3.40, to £30 for versions 3.16 and earlier, with the price for a new user being a very reasonable £40.

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