New version of Impact available

Keep tabs on your data. And probably in it, as well.

Following its launch at the recent Wakefield Show, Sine Nomine software has now made the new version of Impact available from their website, along with the new accompanying application ImpEmail.

Originally developed by John Skingley of Circle Software, and taken over in 2003 by Matthew and Hilary Phillips of Sine Nomine, Impact is a relational database for RISC OS, which is easy to use and provides facilities to create, edit, import and edit information, and features the ability to merge data with Impression or Ovation Pro documents, for mail shots, reports, invoicing, and so on. The application also features a powerful scripting language, which allows much more flexibility in what the user can achieve with the data stored in the system.

The latest update to Impact is centered around two areas: the editing interface and the mail-merge tool.

In terms of the editing interface, multi-line text fields now support scroll bars, which means you can make the text longer than will fit in the box on the card, and there is an option to enable text selection, allowing portions of text fields to be selected and moved or copied elsewhere via the global clipboard and the drag and drop protocol.

The mail-merge facilities of Impact have always been notable, with its long-standing ability to integrate with Impression and Ovation Pro to produce mail-merged letters and reports. That flexibility is now available for generating emails, via ImpEmail, providing an ideal method for managing any organisation where subscription reminders or similar need to be sent out based on expiry or other dates in any individual record.

A demonstration version, and the full 197 page manual, can be downloaded from Sine Nomine’s website, with the full version being available for a new, lower price of £40 – full ordering (and upgrade) details can be found on their site.

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