User groups

Leila Johnston at ROUGOL, 16th March

No, that’s Leila, not Leela – it’s the one from Hack Circus, not the one from Doctor Who! The March meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London – ROUGOL – should be something quite special for those able to attend: The guest speaker for the meeting is a comedy writer, a technologist, a […]

User groups

ARMX6 at ROUGOL in February

They are called to Mordor London … It won’t be long now. He will soon be ready. The RISC OS User Group of London‘s February meeting – which takes place on Monday, 16th February – is set to be an especially exciting one: It will feature a sneak preview of R-Comp‘s new computer.


RISC OS Awards 2014 deadline extension

And a reminder: Vote now and be counted! The 2014 RISC OS Awards poll has been underway since the beginning of December, and the deadline for votes was to be the end of January – in one week’s time. However, that has now been extended, and the new deadline for votes is 7th February, 2014. […]


Date announced for London, 2015

I hope you haven’t put those diaries down closed Organizer! As well as the 2015 South West Show, another date now known is that for the 2015 London Show. The proposed date – which was mentioned at this year’s show (for which the RISCOSitory show report will – hopefully – appear this coming weekend), and […]


RISC OS London 2014 – RSN!

Coming soon to a hotel near you London! There is now just one week remaining until the final RISC OS Show of the year – the RISC OS London Show, which takes place next Saturday in Feltham. And, as ever, there is plenty of reason to come along and see what’s what in the RISC […]



Announcement from ROUGOL, 8th July, 2014. A few misc bits of ROUGOL news, starting with this month’s meeting: Beginners Guide to Riscy Robots Presented by Neil Fazakerley