Announcement from ROUGOL, 8th July, 2014. A few misc bits of ROUGOL news, starting with this month’s meeting: Beginners Guide to Riscy Robots Presented by Neil Fazakerley

User groups

User group meetings in June

If you like a lot of chocolate RISC OS in your biscuit social life, join a club! With some announcements about upcoming meetings appearing around the same time, as well as news of possible changes to meeting dates, why not throw them all together with some bacon, lettuce and tomato in a sarnie. Except without […]


Upcoming ROUGOL meetings

Announcement from ROUGOL, 23rd March, 2014. After a quiet couple of months, the RISC OS User Group Of London has some exciting meetings coming up, so here are some details for your diary. All meetings are free and take place on the 3rd Monday of the month at the Blue-Eyed Maid (upstairs in the Spice […]


ROUGOL change of meeting date

Announcement from ROUGOL, 8th February, 2014 In a break with over 10 years of tradition, February’s ROUGOL meeting will not be on the 3rd Monday of the month! The venue is closed on the usual day so the meeting has been put back one week.