Show report: Wakefield 2023

No London Show again? Read about the last Wakefield one instead! Due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers, last year’s Wakefield Show morphed into the Wradfold show – Wakefield, but in Bradford – and this year, the show carried on in the same location, for much the same reason. It took place on 22nd April at the Cedar Court Hotel in – well, yes – Bradford.

Chris Hall brings a little speed to the next Wakefield meeting

Wait, officer, no, that’s definitely not what I meant! Computer technology in general tends to improve in a number of areas, with newer machines sporting any or all of more memory, greater storage, and faster processing speeds – although equal developments in the software that runs on them, to make use of those improvements, can sometimes mean the end user doesn’t necessarily notice the gains that have been made.

Snippets – 31st December, 2022

A collection of news for 2022 not already covered on RISCOSitory 2022 is about to draw to a close, so it’s time to cast one last eye over the various forums etc., to look for things that haven’t found their way onto these pages already.