Festive fun and quizzing in Wakefield

The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) will be holding its next meeting on Wednesday, and the theme for the evening will be festive fun – there will even be mince pies and other treats! That effectively makes it the group’s Christmas bash, and what do you always expect at a good Christmas bash?

That’s right – a computer-related quiz! Peter Richmond, who will once again present attendees with a series of questions that should prove to be both entertaining and educational – but which will also, he hopes, be the cause of much head scratching.

WROCC members can attend the meeting free of charge, but anyone else will need to stump up an entry fee of £3.00 – but given that annual membership costs just £15.00 (equivalent to five meetings), with the first year discounted to £7.50 (two and a half meetings), it’s probably worth joining. Additional membership benefits include a newsletter, The WROCC, delivered as a PDF file by email, and access to a members-only discussion forum.

Kicking off at 7:45pm, the meeting takes place on Wednesday, 4th December, at:

West Yorkshire Sports & Social Club,
Sandal Hall Close,
Off Walton Lane,
WF2 6ER.

The venue is easy to reach by car, and for those using public transport it’s just a short trip from the local railway station, Sandal and Abrigg, and there are bus stops just around the corner.

Looking ahead, the first meeting of 2020 will take place on 8th January – but whereas meetings such as the December one are open to anyone, the January meeting is the Club’s Annual General Meeting and, as such, is only open to fully paid-up members. Details of the next three scheduled meetings after that (5th February, 4th March, and 1st April) are yet to be determined. However, one slightly bigger meeting is planned for April – the annual Wakefield Show, which is set for Saturday, 18th April, 2020 at the regular Cedar Court Hotel venue.

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