CJE Micro’s/4D at Wakefield 2015

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…1

Emphasising their support of everything-Acorn and RISC OS going all the way back to the 8-bit hardware on which many of us cut our teeth, CJE Micro’s have made an announcement in the run up to the Wakefield Show (this Saturday, 25th April, 2015) that covers products for the BBC Micro, more recent (24 year old) A5000 computers, and brings us up to date with the new IGEPv5-based computer with no name.

For the BBC Micro, CJE are restarting production of cassette leads – this, apparently being due to popular demand, presumably from people active in the surprisingly popular and vibrant retro-scene.

For the A5000, CJE say they will be able to supply a solution that allows USB-based storage, though with limited functionality.

As for the machine with no name, you’ll probably want to either talk to the Doctor Chris Evans or his traveling companion Andrew Conroy, or sit yourself down ready for Chris’ theatre presentation, at around 1:45pm.

In the announcement, Chris advises that they won’t be able to bring everything from their vast range of stock, so if you are interested in purchasing something specific, you should contact them by 10:00am on Friday, 24th April (tomorrow) to avoid being disappointed – by phone, on 01903 523 222, is probably a better bet than by email.

However, in terms of what they can bring, it appears they’ve managed to get the TARDIS’ ‘chameleon circuit’ working again, and this time around the car will take on the appearance of a van – so they will be able to bring a few larger items if requested, such as printer.


  1. Something old? (Things for) the BBC Micro.
    Something new? The machine with no name.
    Something borrowed (or possibly hired)? The van.
    Something blue? The shirts worn by Chris and Andrew.See? It all makes sense.

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