Transport applications updated

Kevin Wells has released updates to his two applications that use Wget to interrogate the Transport API website in order to find and display timetable (and other) information.

TrainTimes is now at version 1.13 adds a couple of useful features to the train timetable window:

  • The title bar for the window now includes the train’s ‘Headcode’ or ‘train reporting number’ – a code that can be decoded to reveal the type of train, its destination area, and an individual identifier.
  • Users can now click Adjust on a station’s name on that timetable, and this will initiate a web-based look up (displayed in the system’s default web browser) of the National Rail Enquiries website for that station.

Another change is related to the second of these; if the timetable is saved out as HTML, the station name in the resulting HTML file now also includes a link to the station on that site.

Meanwhile, BusTimes has been updated to version 1.12 in order to address a small bug in the GPX file output (whereby an & character was included instead of its encoded & form).

Both applications can be downloaded from the Kevsoft website – and if you use and like any of Kevin’s software you can also now support him by buying some merchandise branded with the Kevsoft logo from Spreadshirt.

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