RISC OS Awards: What about those alternative nominations, then?

RISC OS Awards logoThe RISC OS Awards poll for 2017 has been open now for about a week and a half, and there have been 60 votes cast – so now is probably a good time as any to take a look at some of the alternative nominations people have made if they felt something other than the options on offer deserve to win in any given category.

Adopting the same approach as last year, the following is a simple list of the alternative nominations, broken down by category. In most cases, just the item that has been suggested is listed, but where the person voting has given a reason that has stood out to me as notable or interesting, that reason has also been detailed.

In most cases, links are to searches on this website, but in some the links are more directly to the relevant website.

Best commercial software
Best non-commercial software
Best hardware

Best show of initiative

  • Vince Hudd with RISCOSitory1
Best website or online resource
Best show or event
Most innovative or interesting project

Best overall contributor

Broken cog of the year
  • Impression-X for the continued lack of a website
  • This poll for being late, along with previous survey results not being made public2
  • MW Software because the price of Artworks remains “so crazy high”
  • Archive Magazine for the lack of issues being published
  • 3QD for squatting on the riscos.com domain and doing nothing


  1. Votes for me or any of my software or websites will not be counted. Given that I am running the poll and counting the votes, I don’t consider it appropriate. The one exception to this is the Broken Cog category, since that’s just a bit of fun.
  2. Given that this has been mentioned in an alternative entry in the Broken Cog category, I feel I should explain: It’s not that the survey results haven’t been made public, it’s just that they haven’t (yet) been properly processed for any poll after the first one! This alternative option, then, should really be lumped in with the option given in that category: Vince Hudd – For being so far behind with everything, especially this poll. When the votes are processed, therefore, it will be counted as that.

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