News nybble: DigitalCD and friends updated

AndrĂ© Timmermans has released new versions of DigitalCD (version 3.11), TimPlayer (1.26) and DiskSample (0.55). The changes to DigitalCD are mainly bug fixes, but the updates to both TimPlayer and DiskSample include additional changes, such as the ability to play RAW CD files in the latter, and improved and expanded loaders in the former. In […]

DigitalCD and TimPlayer updates

Music to my ears. Back in April, AndrĂ© Timmermans announced new versions of DigitalCD and TimPlayer on the RISC OS Open forum. DigitalCD is a desktop music player for all versions of RISC OS from 3.1 on, providing control panels for any CD drives connected to the computer, and any internet radio and music file […]

Snippets – 1st January, 2019

Although this is the first post for 2019, it’s also the last post of 2018! It’s once again time for a round up of new releases, updates, and so on, that have somehow not made it to these pages before, with a whole bunch of news snippets from 2018.

Snippets – 26th August, 2016

Round up, round up; news in a very late style. (That was what China Crisis sang, wasn’t it?) The bunker has been engulfed in chaos for quite a while – with a heavy workload leading to a period of hectic and frantic headless chicken impersonations. On top of that, a partial change of platforms has […]

Midland User Group (MUG) meeting – 18th Jan 14

Announcement from Doug Webb, 14th January, 2014 The next meeting of the RISC OS Midland User Group (MUG) will take place at 2pm Saturday 18th January, 2014. We will be exploring and sharing experiences of using RISC OS for Video and Audio using amongst others such applications as FFMepg, Mplayer, DigitalCD, Murnong, AMPlayer, KinoAmp and […]

Magic Mushrooms 1.12,1.13 released

A perfectly safe way to enjoy magic mushrooms, with no hallucinogenic side effects. During July, Martin Bazley issued a dire warning that version 1.12 of Magic Mushrooms had unexpectedly escaped into cyberspace! The game is a complete rewrite for RISC OS computers of a platform game originally written by Neil Raine for BBC computers, and […]

PlayIt 1.73 release 2

There’s no sound like a SharedSound. PlayIt is a tool for playing sound samples, which is used by a number of RISC OS applications, including DigitalCD. Originally written by Rick Hudson, recent updates have been made available by Christopher Martin, who has just released version 1.73 release 2. This release incorporates Jeffrey Lee’s latest PlayItSSnd, […]