News nybble: Experimental multi-core ROM in the wild

Cor Cor, blimey!

In the 483rd post to a thread on the RISC OS Open forum that was started over six years ago and runs to twenty pages, Jeffrey Lee has made available a new toy for those users that want to try it out –  a ROM build for the Raspberry Pi that includes support for those versions of the board that feature multiple cores (i.e. the version 2 and 3 Pis).

The release includes the source for the current HAL and kernel changes and SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) module, with a pre-built ROM and SMP module for people to play with. Ideally, that would be programmers, because no existing RISC OS software benefits from the ability to use multiple cores, and there is no sample code included. Full details in Jeffrey’s post, and in the zip file itself.

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