MiniTime clocks out as a module, becomes a regular application

Version 1.10 of MiniTime has been released by Fred Graute. The software provides a means to display the date and/or time in a small icon or window, with configuration options for its position on screen, the colours it uses, whether it appears above other windows, and more besides. Its goal is to provide quick and convenient access to a clock and calendar, without getting in the way.

MiniTime makes you see red

Well, actually, it’s optional – and other colours are available. The latest version of MiniTime has just been released by Fred Graute. The application, designed from the outset to be small and unobtrusive, displays the date and time in a small icon or window, which can be in a fixed position on screen and configured to appear above all other windows, to disappear briefly so as not to get in the way, and more besides. Version 1.09 of the software adds a number of choices relating to colours:

MiniTime gains a flux capacitor button

Can now bring you back to the future. Or the past. It depends where you start. Fred Graute has released a new version of MiniTime, bringing it up to version 1.08. The application displays the current date and/or time in a small window or icon, so that it is readily visible, yet unobtrusive at the same time – it doesn’t get in the way with the computer’s general, day to day use.

MiniTime gains access to bigger units of time

Micro moment monitor manages massive months! Once upon a time there was an application called SmallTime, which sprouted from the programming hands of James Freeman. That application, however, has never been updated to run on 32-bit hardware such as the Iyonix, let alone modern ARMv7-based platforms. Aemulor can save the day, but that’s hardly ideal, and the licence under which SmallTime was released meant newer versions updated by third parties couldn’t be distributed. Fred Graute therefore took SmallTime as his inspiration, and developed a completely new application that achieved the…

RISC OS Awards 2017 results

The latest RISC OS Awards poll, covering 2017, came to a close a on Saturday, 26th May – and the results are now known. The Awards website has been updated to show the results, and the winners (for whom I have contact details) will be notified by email later today, with direct links to the results so that they can be referred to on the their own websites. The results have already been announced on the RISCOSitory Twitter feed, but for anyone not using Twitter they are below.

RISCOScode down – but not out

The website may be gone, but the Twitter feed lives on! Some people may have noticed that the RISCOScode website has disappeared. During a brief discussion on comp.sys.acorn.misc, Chris Evans reported that the site’s owner, Martin Hansen, had made the decision to ‘retire’ the site in order to “free up time for other RISC OS projects.” However, that retirement isn’t all that it seems!